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Dude, Where Is My Beer?

A point and click adventure game about finding an old school pilsner in the confusing world of unnecessary craft beers and snobby hipsters.

Screenshot of the game: the panorama of the insides of your regular hipster café bar on a popular evening of the week

In this game the protagonist has to talk to different characters, most of them bartenders, solve beer related puzzles at different stages of drunkenness at locations like a sports bar, a microbrewery, a dive bar and a rock bar in his quest of finding an old school pilsner.

Screenshot of the game: the dude on the streets

Via a point-and-click interface, the player guides the protagonist through the game's world and interacts with the environment by selecting from commands such as "talk to" for communicating with characters and "pick up" for collecting items. While conversing with other characters, the player may choose between topics for discussion that are listed in a dialog tree.

Screenshot of the game: your regular bar restaurant kitchen

Among the puzzles you will have to win a brewing contest by finding all the necessary (and not only) ingredients to brew a rare beer, following a brewing recipe and I am sure you will fail a few times, before you brew it correctly.

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